“It’s not a protocol, it’s a matter of love”

The word “HOLISTIC” derives from the Greek word “Olos” which means “ Whole”.

In the holistic treatment a symptom is not considered as an isolated phenomenon. Every human being is a WHOLE, a perfect microcosmos in which each cell, each thought, each action, when connected to the soul and to the Universe, generates wellbeing and health.

The holistic vision doesn’t consider a symptom as an enemy that must be fought, but instead as an ally through which we can get to know and learn to listen to ourselves and understand how to take care of ourselves for our full wellbeing. And this is always the result of the union of the various existential levels : Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit.

AYURVEDA: this word derives from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, from the union for the two words AYUS and VEDA.

AYUS stands for LIFE, VEDA stands for KNOWLEDGE, therefore Ayurveda means the Science of the Knowledge of Life.

The Mission of our experts in holistic wellness is to faithfully integrate the ancient ayurvedic tradition with the modern world of professional cosmetics, in order to promote the authentic beauty, as an intimate and lasting fruit of wellness, of Nature and of the Love for ourselves.


Ayurveda sul Futon

Balance between mind and body: stimulates the free flow of vital energy, leaving a sensation of general wellness that affects your psychophysical level, aided by specific plant oils.

80 min€ 120,00

Abyanga Ritual

This ritual offers a great variety of benefits because a specific manual intervention is applied in accordance to the body shape of each person (Vata – Pitta – Kapha). Different kinds of warm oils are used in abundance: the power of the oils as well as their impact are considered important elements to the purpose of the treatment

60 min€ 115,00

Messaggio Potali

In this massage your body is rubbed with small, herb-filled sachets which are previously warmed by steam, in order for them to release the benefits of a thermic treatment. With its alternated, relaxing manual intervention, this treatment provides warmth and perspiration in the treated parts, which enhances the elimination of toxins, the improvement of the blood circulation, a deep relaxation as well as a very pleasant sensation of lightness

50 min€ 85,00

Thai Foot Massage

THAI FOOT is a Thai-based technique that provides foot treatment through acupressure and the use of a wooden stick (stickwood). This treatment favours sleep and restores vitality and energy. It improves lymphatic and  blood circulation

45 min€ 70,00


Classical Massage

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Signatures Massages

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The nature of your beauty

In Ayurveda, Beauty is the reflection of a profound interior balance.