Signatures Massages

A set of specific treatments for all lovers of well-being. Ideal for freeing up the mind, relaxing the body deeply and winning the psycho-physical balance equally. Discover the essence of special aesthetic cosmetics and beauty that best suits you and rediscover pure wellness.


Sea Well Ritual

Our treatment par excellence. This traditional ex- perience involves deep-down exfoliation of your body. It is followed by a light massage and deep stretching to leave your skin revived and luminous.

45 min€ 90,00

Ayurveda Sul Futon

Balance between mind and body: stimulates the free flow of vital energy, leaving a sensation of general wellness that affects your psychophysical level, aided by specific plant oils.

80 min€ 120,00

Ayurveda On The Bed

Manual skills for Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

An actual “Art of Wellness” able to contribute or maintain an efficient state of psycho-physical equilibrium.

60 min€ 85,00

Total Body Revitalizing Massage

Draining massage to stimulate the circulatory system or eliminate waste, with butters and masks

Four-handed (min.) variable € 150

50/80 min€ 90,00 / 130,00

Thai Foot Massage

THAI FOOT is a Thai-based technique that provides foot treatment through acupressure and the use of a wooden stick (stickwood). This treatment favours sleep and restores vitality and energy. It improves lymphatic and  blood circulation

45 min€ 70,00


Classical Massage

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A harmonious combination of massage techniques and body exfoliating cleansing, ideal for hydrating, re-balancing the ph and relaxing the skin.