Signatures Massages

A set of specific treatments for all lovers of well-being. Ideal for freeing up the mind, relaxing the body deeply and winning the psycho-physical balance equally. Discover the essence of special aesthetic cosmetics and beauty that best suits you and rediscover pure wellness.


Sea Well Ritual

Our treatment par excellence. This traditional ex- perience involves deep-down exfoliation of your body. It is followed by a light massage and deep stretching to leave your skin revived and luminous.

45 min€ 85,00

Ayurveda Sul Futon

Balance between mind and body: stimulates the free flow of vital energy, leaving a sensation of general wellness that affects your psychophysical level, aided by specific plant oils.

60 min€ 120,00

Ayurveda On The Bed

Manual skills for Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

An actual “Art of Wellness” able to contribute or maintain an efficient state of psycho-physical equilibrium.

60 min€ 85,00

Anti-stress Massage

It is a massage that prevents disorders caused by stress, such as: bad circulation, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, low immune system, depression, nervous system disorders, lack of focus, etc.
It also provides an enhancement in of your lymph circulation, helping the body detoxification thanks to its diuretic action encouraged by the lymph drainage. The anti-stress massage has also got an analgesic function since  as it stimulates the endorphins’ production, which have got a pain killer action, provoking the relaxation of the muscle.

60 min€ 120,00

Thai Foot Massage

THAI FOOT is a Thai-based technique that provides foot treatment through acupressure and the use of a wooden stick (stickwood). This treatment favours sleep and restores vitality and energy. It improves lymphatic and  blood circulation

45 min€ 70,00


Classical Massage

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A harmonious combination of massage techniques and body exfoliating cleansing, ideal for hydrating, re-balancing the ph and relaxing the skin.