Treat yourself to a break between steam baths and wellness treatments, with the relaxing view of the pine forest of Bibione; a mix of regenerative sensations both for the mind and the body, followed by steam effects, aromas and chromotherapy.

Sauna Area

A heath bath for a traditional moment of perspirant and detoxifying wellness, which has remarkable properties: it improves the quality of your sleep and it relieves nervous tension, pain, rheumatisms and arthritis.

Turkish Bath

A steam bath with a temperature of about 44 ° C, and considering the addition of natural herbal essences inhaled, has so a beneficial effect on the breathing system.

Ice Waterfall

The thermic shock caused by the ice has an invigorating and revitalising effect on your skin and muscle tissue and improves blood circulation. It is useful to rebalance your body temperature and your arterial blood pressure.


This pool is filled with thermal water at 36°C, it has water jets, air flows and it is located in the open air with view on the venetian lagoon. The massage done by waterforce has an energising effect on your skin, it soothes the pores and revitalises the entire organism. It is furthermore an excellent stimulation to the blood circulation as well as the lymphatic circulation and it therefore helps to contrast cellulitis.

Treatment Paths
in Steam Baths

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Sea well is a unique experience where water, heat and rest are combined and completed with colours, music, perfumes and cosmetic treatments. The Spa has a relaxation area, a private area with sauna, Turkish bath, sensory shower and ice cas- cade, an open patio and a breath-taking view of the Venetian lagoon.


Beauty and wellness are harmony, rituals to live as you want, in the privacy of your own Spa Suite. Purity paths, also thanks to the beneficial effects of water.


“If there is a magic on this planet,
Is contained in the water.” – Loren Eisley

Saunas have been for centuries a real purifying ritual and are nowadays considered  an excellent solution to achieve maximum relaxation, complete detoxification and purification. Thanks to the positive influence of the very hot and dry air, the sauna restores skin elasticity. The sauna is a heat bath  particularly suitable for those who need to relax and to eliminate everyday stress, but it is also appropriate for those who practise sports: it facilitates the recovery, sets  the muscular system in preparation for move. A natural decontrating effect on the musculature makes the Finnish sauna to be an ideal remedy for soothing localized pathologies such as muscular and / or osteoarticular traumas.