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If you are looking for a way to improve you health and your overall wellbeing, and you would like to indulge in the luxury of taking some time for yourself, then our total- wellness packages are exactly what you need.

They include a wide range of services for the wellness of body and soul, such as holistic and relaxing massages, combined with face- and body care as well as wellness programs.


Rock your body

Especially designed program against important musculo-articular tension, to regain flexibility in both the muscle tissue and the joints, for a deep relaxation.

It is divided in two sessions on two different days and includes 1 tension-relieving massage of 50 minutes and 1 Hot Stone massage of 60 minutes.

50+60 min150

Soul Harmony

Full body treatment to release tension and enjoy a little time all for yourself.

It helps you regain your psycho-physical wellbeing and counteracts against skin imperfections.

It includes 1 relaxing massage of 50 minutes and a nourishing facial treatment to regenerate and nourish your skin.

50+20 min138


This is your go-to treatment if you want relief from swelling, water retention, to activate blood circulation, to improve tissue tone and if you wish to illuminate and nourish your facial skin.

This program lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes and includes leg wraps, a soothing face mask as well as a bath in two whirlpools, one with warm water, the other with cool water.

80 min90

SOS Mare

This is the ideal treatment to prepare your skin for the days at the beach and under the sun.

It is divided in two sessions on two different days and includes a body and face peeling as well as waxing (half leg, partial bikini and armpits).

Brazilian waxing is available with a surcharge of +10  to + 15 Euro per treatment.


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You shouldn’t miss this occasion to take some time for yourself and to enjoy a wellness experience for body and mind, 360 degrees round.