Traditional Massages

Would you like to find your inner balance again and reach an optimal psychophysical wellbeing?
Then you should discover the art of the traditional massages, which will provide the unique sensation of releasing everyday stress and reactivating your natural state of health and vitality.

Our rich selection of traditional massages will give you relief from muscular tension, improve your blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminate toxins and provide a better sleep quality.


Relax massage

Combining different techniques of enveloping, traditional maneuver, this massage reduces and reliefs physical and mental fatigue and tiredness for an total and overall wellbeing.

50 min74,00


This is the ideal massage for those who exercise and do sports.

It is very helpful to recover from sore, contracted and stiff muscles and get relief from pain, especially in the lower limbs, the back and the neck.

50 min78,00

Lymph-draining massage legs

This massage is carried out on the legs with a pumping and draining maneuver technique which activates the haemolymphatic system.

Especially suitable to alleviate swelling, water retention, to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins

30 min60,00

Lymph-draining massage total body

This massage is done by using specific, soft and light movements like pumping, circular pressing and rubbing, to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins and improve lymph circulation in all your limbs.

You will feel harmony and lightness in every part of your body.

60 min110,00

Personalized Massage

Especially designed to meet the needs of the single client with the help of our staff, in order to fulfill specific goals of wellbeing and relaxation.

60/90 min90/130

Junior Massage (from 10 to 14 years)

It is a sweet massage that allows the child’s physical and mental relaxation.¬†



Holistic Massages

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