Holistic Massages

Come and try the wonderful benefits of holistic massages!

Gift yourself with a moment of pure relaxation and wellbeing with our highly qualified experts, which will apply professional holistic techniques to convey your body and mind to a state of perfect harmony and balance.

Thanks to the holistic concept we will not only take care of your muscles and your nervous system, but also help you to reach a sensation of profound inner peace to help you release accumulated emotional tension.


Ayurveda on futon

That are specific for each part of the body, like rubbing, pressing and stretching.

It acts primarily on rebalancing body, mind and spirit, but also on the muscles and stimulates vital energies, for a feeling of deep and overall wellbeing.

80 min138

Lomi Lomi

This deep massage of Hawaiian tradition, the Lomi Lomi, is done with rhythmic and harmonic movements of the forearms on the entire body, which recall the motion of waves.

This enhances the physical and mental  balance and harmony, improves blood circulation, facilitates a good sleep and eliminates toxins.

60 min140


This massage technique combines essential oils that are dispensed in the air with the benefits of a traditional relaxing massage.

It helps mind and body to unwind, reduces stress and anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

The oils can be chosen according to your personal preference.

60 min85

Thai Foot

The Thai Foot, a massage for your feet, has thailandese origins and is done with pressure techniques using the hands, the fingers, the knuckles and a special wooden stick.

It is applied to the lower part of your legs and feet and it improves your sleep quality, restores vitality and energy and alleviates stress-related tension.

45 min70

Thai traditional

This massage stems from indian and cinese influence and is based on the concept of the energy lines, called “meridians”, which flow in the entire human body.

It is done using the hands, the thumbs, the elbows, the knees and the feet, by applying to specific points in  the body a slow and continuous pressure, stretching and torsion.

This alleviates muscular tension and stress, improves blood circulation and the flexibility of the joints.

Light, comfortable clothing is required as the massages are carried out dressed.

90 min140

Hot stone

This massage is extraordinarily relaxing and releasing.

Warmed, polished Volcanic stones are positioned on strategic points on the entire body, to relax the muscles and alleviate sore and pain.

The warm stones are then used to massage the back, the legs, the feet, the arms, and the hands with a light pressure.

This helps to reduce stress, muscular pain, improve your quality of sleep and the blood circulation.


60 min90


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