Beauty Treatments

Specific and personalized aesthetic treatments, you may choose the state of the art beauty program that best suits your needs: manicure, pedicure, nail varnish will always be perfect and cared for.


Aesthetic and curative manicure

Aesthetic and curative treatment of your hands.

€ 28,00

Aesthetic and curative pedicure

Aesthetic and Curative Treatment of your Feet.

From € 38,00 to € 50,00

Nail varnish

Nail varnish change semi-permanent hands and feet.

From € 10,00, € 34,00 to € 32,00. Removal of semi-permanent nail polish 15 €


Express epilation or small areas , partial legs  and arms epilation and complete epilation.

Epilation: from € 16 to € 50 with the classic wax. Epilation: Brazilian wax € 25 to € 75


Face Treatments

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Body Treatments

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Look for your ideal beauty treatment: more formulas and a guaranteed result!