Body Treatments

If you would like to take care of your body too, you should not miss our body care treatments of highest quality.

We are specialized in several techniques and we will help you reduce water retention, to tone up your skin and improve its elasticity and boost your mental relax.


Seawell Ritual

This treatment is to prepare your skin for sunbathing and also helps reducing stress.

It includes a complete soapy massage (savonage) with peeling (deep cleansing of the skin) and a 40 minute long massage with oil.

80 min120

Body Drain

Beauty-technique which reduces water-retention, promotes the drainage of body liquids and tones up the skin.

Includes a savonage with peeling (deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin), as a preparation to better absorb the active ingredients of the hydrating and anti-age cream which will be applied afterwards. Options with or without face available

60/80 min90/120

Body Luxury Spa

This program is a Body Drain treatment that includes a soapy massage (savonage) with peeling, the application of a serum for face and body, a face mask and the application of a nourishing cream.

Your skin will be regenerated, radiant and smooth as silk.

Face treatment included.

90 min150


Face Care Treatments

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Basic beauty treatments - Men

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Don’t miss this opportunity to take care of yourself, book your body care now and find a true wellbeing.