Body Treatments

Sea Well Spa offers state-of-the-art treatments studied and developed by Farmogal, professionals in the research and production of pure, effective and safe cosmetics and beauty treatments with a deep focus on quality.


Seawell Ritual

There is a steam bath and then, afterwards, a relaxing massage.

80 min€ 120,00

Body Dren

Extremely effective for cellulite problems, it improves blood circulation.

Two options are possible:

peeling and massage: 60 min. € 90
mud therapy and massage: 80 min. € 120

60-80 min€ 90,00 - 120,00

Rassoul Body (slimming e detoxifying)

This treatment  purifies, mineralizes, smoothes and firms the epidermis.

A savonage is carried out by massaging the whole body.

A Rassoul peeling (soapy clay of millennial origin extracted in Morocco) is then applied.

The treatment is completed by applying an antioxidant and protective bodybalm.

90 min€ 148,00

Body Luxury Spa

Treatment dedicated to a deep hydration through a mix of substances conveyed with various manuals

Regenerated, radiant skin, silky effect.

60 min€ 110,00


Beauty Treatments

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Face Treatments

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After a hectic day, after the daily tasks that stress the body and mind, after all this there is always something to rejoice for, for example treating yourself to a few hours of complete relax through specific treatments.